Defend Ethiopia Task Force in Europe – Statement on the present actions against the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church (EOTC) ሀገራችን የገባችበትን ችግር በሰለም እንዲፈታ ስለመጠየቅ

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7 February 2023

To: The Office of the Prime Minister, FDRE
Cc: Cabinet Members, Holy Abuna and Synod

We, Ethiopians and Europeans of Ethiopian origin residing in several European countries, organized as Defend Ethiopia Task Force in Europe, are releasing this statement to express our grave concern about the present actions against the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church (EOTC) and its followers across the country as it results in the loss of lives and the denial of civil liberties and freedoms.

Today, as a society, we find ourselves on a dangerous slippery slope, endangering the safety and security of our people, integrity, and sovereignty of our country Ethiopia. The current new development in the country has shaken its foundation. The attempt to split the EOTC’s only ultimate office, which has served the Church and its more than seventy million followers for millennia, is beyond provocation. Unless clear and immediate corrective action is taken, this could lead us inevitably towards a violent, extremely dangerous and unwanted civil war that could endanger our millenary civilization.

It goes without saying that humans make mistakes, and the latter can be redressed through poise, wisdom, and dignified discussions and pardons. Our religious fathers are responsible for calming down human anger to prepare us for the next godly world. Therefore, they should not dwell on earthly matters, interests, and discourses. Similarly, our leaders should act decently, protecting our nation from conflict entrepreneurs and enemies ready to exploit crises and ensuring the rule of law, including protecting lives and property.

To save our people, and ultimately Ethiopia, to respect the fact that we are all, first and foremost, children of God, it would be very urgent and of paramount importance that our elected Prime Minister and the Holy Synod leadership meet officially and engage “face to face” to find lasting solutions and appease the nation.To find a lasting resolution, we believe there is a need to organize another urgent meeting with all our religious fathers and pursue collectively, with dignity and respect, our efforts for peace and love.

What is unfolding is sad, dangerous, and detrimental to the very survival of our country. The existence and continuity of our country Ethiopia is above everything, above our human and social conditions, ethnicity, and political motives. We collectively ought to transmit to the future generation a united country with its people living in peace, love, respect, and prosperity!

Humbly, respectfully, and responsibly,
The Steering Group of the Defend Ethiopia Task Force in Europe, in the quest for peace, love, and prosperity.