Statement by Ethiopians in Europe, Canada, the United States and Africa on the Peace Talks in South Africa and beyond

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We, the undersigned organizations across the world organized as a Consortium, with members including Ethiopians and citizens of European countries, the United States and Canada, are releasing this statement to express our support for the measures taken in Tigray by the democratically elected Government of Ethiopia and our grave concern regarding the undue pressure being exerted by external actors on Ethiopia including during the on-going Peace Talks in South Africa.

As Ethiopians and/or citizens in our respective countries of residence, we have shared the national trauma of a destructive war in Ethiopia and the tumultuous two years that followed after the Tigray People Liberation Front (TPLF)’s treasonous attack in November 2020 on the Ethiopian National Defence Forces’ Northern Command triggering the war. The aftermath of this war brought about devastating humanitarian, economic and social consequences for Ethiopians living in Tigray, Amhara and Afar regions which will take years to mend. It also has a chain of effects that still reverberates, threatens the rest of Ethiopia, and risks the destabilization of the Horn of Africa.

The incalculable humanitarian scar left by this conflict, not to mention the loss of human life and material destruction, are the inevitable results of this unprovoked war started by TPLF, which will need as much, if not more resources, time, political will and social adjustment to mitigate its long-term societal effects. With this highly challenging background, the Ethiopian Government is now engaged in a Peace Talk with TPLF, which it has advocated with no preconditions for since the beginning of the conflict, and even before, to prevent it.

We unequivocally support the Ethiopian Government and facilitators of the on-going peace talks, such as the African Union, in their effort to bring the peace, stability and security Ethiopians and, indeed, the horn of Africa craves.

We support these peace talks, keenly aware that peace has no alternative to our long-suffering country and its people.  As Ethiopians, we would like to stress that:

  • We recognize the sacrifices paid, in life and blood, to avert the existential threat that imperiled the integrity of Ethiopia by TPLF with help from its powerful external supporters, including Ethiopia’s historical enemies. Hence the relative security and victory gained through the honorable sacrifice must not be, in any way, compromised in the Peace Talks due to the external pressure exerted on Ethiopia;
  • The Ethiopian Government has a historical, moral, legal and constitutional duty to ensure that the on-going Peace Talks are not used to put Ethiopia’s sovereignty, territorial integrity and security in any jeopardy now or in the future;
  • We are confident that the Ethiopian Government will reject any stipulation, interference or pressure in the Peace Talks by the third parties, which jeopardize Ethiopia’s sovereignty, integrity and future. Any proposals that may open avenues for the TPLF to rearm and regroup for yet another round of destruction should be rejected firmly.
  • We underline the Ethiopian Government and its defense institutions, most importantly the Ethiopian National Defence Forces, are the only legal and constitutional executive powers in the land, which is clearly and incontestably promulgated in the Constitution of Ethiopia. We trust that the Ethiopian Government will deliver on its constitutional mandate to ensure the safety of its citizens and ensure the provision of humanitarian assistance and services.
  • The United States, member states of the European Union and other partners should have a nuanced understanding of the new situation in Ethiopia and consider their long-term interests and strategic relationship with Ethiopia, excluding the dying horse TPLF, whilst supporting the Ethiopian Government’s efforts in expediting humanitarian assistance to all in need in Amhara, Afar and the liberated areas of Tigray region.
  • The United States, member states of the European Union and other partners could also encourage and support the all-inclusive national dialogue which has started. It will pave the way out from the current crisis in the long term by reconciling differences and usher in an era of peace, development, and national unity.

Finally, while we vehemently protest external pressures seeking to influence the outcome of the talks, we are optimistic that Ethiopia and her multitudes will soon get the peace and security they deserve. As Ethiopians and citizens of European countries, Canada and the United States, we are available to help in any way possible to facilitate such efforts in finding a comprehensive resolution of the conflict.

Initiated by: Defend Ethiopia Task Force in Europe (DETF-EU) organized in Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Norway, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom




  • American-Ethiopian Public Affairs Committee (AEPAC)
  • Colors of Unity (CoU)
  • Defend Ethiopia Task Force in Europe (DETF-EU) organized in Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Norway, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom
  • Ethiopian Advocacy Network and Unity For Ethiopia  (@UnityforEthio)
  • Ethiopian-American Civic Council (EACC)
  • Ethio-American Development Council (EADC)
  • Ethio-Canadian Network for Advocacy and Support (ECNAS)
  • Ethio-Czech Community z.s. (ECC)
  • Ethiopian Community in Spain (ECSP)
  • Ethiopian Diaspora Associations in Belgium (EDAB)
  • Ethio-France Association for Development of Ethiopia (EFADE)
  • Ethiopian Forum for Dialogue and Cooperation in Germany (EFDCG)
  • Ethiopian Public Diplomacy Network (EPDN)
  • Global Ethiopian Advocacy Nexus (GLEAN)
  • Network of Ethiopians in Geneva for Action Task Force (NEGAT)
  • United Ethiopian Community Association in South Africa (UECASA)


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