Recognition program for diaspora organizations
Defend Ethiopia Task Force in Europe was among the recipients of the recognition award by the Ethiopian Diaspora Agency.

For the first recognition program of diaspora organizations, leaders and representatives of the organizations who came to Ethiopia issued a position statement to guide their future relations and engagement with their home country as Ethiopians living abroad.

The position statement consists of eleven points which are presented below.

In their statement, the organizations affirmed their determination to move the participation of the diaspora to a new phase and highlight its national benefits, so that the capacity of the diaspora is built in and well integrated in the countries they live in, its economic, social and political participation is growing and the connection with Ethiopia strengthened. They also stated that they will continue to strengthen the unity between the organizations of the Ethiopian diaspora, that they will hold an annual conference to discuss the implementation of the ideas reflected in the position statement, that and do their part to ensure economic and socio-political development in Ethiopia.

Furthermore, they declared that they will do their part for peace and prosperity in Ethiopia, that they will work with the relevant bodies to ensure that the diaspora’s rights are respected in the country, that they will encourage the participation of the diaspora community in various development activities, and that they will provide policy advisory services so that the legal frameworks issued in the country guide the contribution of the diaspora and take into account the scope of their participation. They promised to develop strategies that promote cooperation and exchange of experiences among specific Ethiopian diaspora communities.

Source EDA