New Chairperson of the Defend Ethiopia Task Force in Europe

Pursuant to Article 2.7 on elections in the Organization and Code of conduct document of the Defend Ethiopia Task Force in Europe (DETF-EU), its Steering Committee members have conducted the election of a new Chairperson for the Task Force on the 15th of October 2023. 

We are pleased to announce the election of Sirage De-Tango (Sweden) as Chairperson of the Defend Ethiopia Task Force in Europe for the next 6 months. We extend our sincere gratitude to all the Steering Committee members who participated in the voting process, showcasing their commitment to our mission. In line with the “one country, one vote” principle, all members of the Steering Committee have casted their votes.

Sirage De-Tango (Sweden) has been an active member of the Task Force since 2021 bringing extensive experience within the Ethiopian Community in Sweden. He played an instrumental role in organizing the first introductory meeting by DETF-EU between the Ethiopian National Dialogue Commission and Ethiopian Diaspora Leaders and Influencers in Europe.

We would like to congratulate Sirage De-Tango (Sweden) on his successful election and extend our best wishes for his upcoming responsibilities in leading our task force. We are confident that the Defend Ethiopia Task Force in Europe will continue to engage tirelessly for the betterment of Ethiopia and its people.

The Steering Committee takes this opportunity to thank the outgoing Chairperson Kitaw Yayehyirad (Switzerland) who completed his term on the 30th of September 2023. His contribution to the group has yielded outstanding results in public and digital diplomacy for Ethiopia as well as fostering cohesion and integrity within the team during a tumultuous period in Ethiopia.

A virtual handover ceremony was held on Monday 23 October 2023 in the presence of other Steering Group members of the Task force. Furthermore, in accordance with Article 2.7 of the relevant rules and regulations of the Group, a handover ceremony for the chairmanship of Defend Ethiopia Europe was conducted on November 3rd, 2023. The event was held via a virtual meeting and graced by the presence of H.E. Ambassador Mehreteab Mulugeta, representing the host country of the incoming chair, as well as H.E. Ambassador Tsegab Kebebew, representing the host country of the outgoing chair.