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8 June 2023

To: Editors of The Guardian

Dear Editors of The Guardian,

We, the Defend Ethiopia Task Force Europe (DETF-EU), are responding to the article published on May 31, 2023, titled “Ethiopian Airlines faces legal case over claims it blocks Tigrayans from Travel.”. Strangely, the article in the Guardian is signed by an anonymous ‘Guardian correspondent’ unlike the many other pieces in your newspaper where the authoring journalist’s name clearly figures. 

We would like to provide additional information based on verified facts from Ethiopian Airlines, as shared on their official Facebook page. According to Ethiopian Airlines’ official statement, the claims made in the article in the Guardian regarding the airline blocking Tigrayans from travel are unfounded and misleading. Ethiopian Airlines categorically denies any discriminatory practices based on ethnicity. 

The airline, a member of the Star Alliance, is committed to upholding the principles of inclusivity, non-discrimination, and equal treatment for all passengers. The Guardian must approach such matters cautiously, relying on verified information from credible sources. 

Ethiopian Airlines has a longstanding track record of serving and connecting the people of Ethiopia with the rest of the world. As an international carrier, the fastest-growing airline globally and the continent’s largest brand adheres to international aviation standards and regulations, including passenger rights and non-discrimination.

Over the past two and a half years, we have observed that the Guardian has been delivering unbalanced content to its readers regarding the northern conflict. Despite the signed peace deal and services resumed, The Guardian persists in making politically motivated accusations against a commercial airline.

We urge the Guardian to take corrective measures to rectify the false accusations in their brand-defaming article, ensure that accurate reporting is maintained, and ensure Ethiopian Airlines’ goodwill and reputation remain untouched. We also advise Guardian readers to consider these verified facts provided by Ethiopian Airlines.


The Defend Ethiopia Task Force in Europe