Important Announcement from the Defend Ethiopia Task Force In Europe.

Subject: Important Announcement from the Defend Ethiopia Task Force In Europe.

We are reaching out to you and the broader public to share a crucial update regarding the Defend Ethiopia Task Force in Europe. After thorough consideration of the prevailing global political situation, humanitarian crises, and considering the approaching holiday season, we have decided to temporarily suspend our operations. We believe this decision is in the best interest of our supporters, the integrity of our mission, the long term cohesion and enduring unity of our group and the individuals, causes and values we aim to support as Ethiopians and friends of Ethiopia living abroad.

The current political climate and ongoing humanitarian crises have presented significant challenges for many organizations, including ours. As we approach the holiday season, it is important for us to pause and reassess our strategies and organizational structure to ensure that we can continue our work effectively in the future. Moreover, the demanding circumstances facing the people of Ethiopia require us to reevaluate our approach and adapt to the changing needs of the values we aim to uphold.

As a result, we will be implementing a new organizational system at the beginning of the new year 2024. This change is an important step in our commitment to enhancing our impact and responding to the evolving global and local contexts while remaining independent of any authority outside the Task Force. While this decision may bring about temporary changes in our operations, rest assured that it is in line with our commitment to the mission of supporting Ethiopia and its people. We remain dedicated to our cause, and we are confident that the upcoming organizational changes will enable us to approach our work with renewed focus and effectiveness.

We understand the importance of maintaining clear communication with our members and stakeholders during this transition period. We will keep you informed about the progress of our new organizational system and the reactivation of our operations. In the meantime, we encourage you to stay connected with us through our communication channels for any updates and announcements. 

We would like to express our deep gratitude to all members and ambassadors of the Defend Ethiopia Task Force for your commitment, dedication, and unwavering support. Your contributions have been valuable in advancing our mission, and we are grateful for your continued involvement. We believe that with your support, we will emerge from this transition stronger and more capable of fulfilling our goals. We also extend our gratitude to the public and our partners for their understanding and ongoing support. Your cooperation and understanding during this time are vital to our success, and we appreciate your patience as we navigate through these changes. As we approach the new year, we are filled with optimism and enthusiasm for the opportunities that lie ahead. We are confident that the new organizational system will enable us to better serve the people of Ethiopia and address the challenges they face more effectively.

In closing, we want to reassure you that our commitment to our motherland Ethiopia and supporting its people remains steadfast. We look forward to sharing more details about the new organizational system and our plans for the future as soon as possible.

Thank you once again for your continued support and understanding. We wish you all a peaceful holiday season and a prosperous new year.


Defend Ethiopia Task Force in Europe.